When it comes to cannabis, there are many things about this plant that we as consumers love. From the sense of relaxation that it offers to its ability to treat medical ailments, there’s no denying the benefits of this plant.

But when you think of all the ways you can use cannabis, from smoking it to using it in oils and tinctures, you start to wonder how difficult is it actually to extract those beneficial properties from this plant? 

After all, the more ways we have of using something, the more value it has. Marijuana edibles are a great way of consuming cannabinoids without having to smoke or vape them first. And with the wide variety of edibles on offer today, you can be rest assured that there is an option for everyone who wants to enjoy this versatile plant in a more controlled setting.

What is an Edible?

When most people think of cannabis, they think of a product that is consumed through smoking or vaping. However, there are more ways to consume this plant than just by smoking cannabis. There are cannabis-infused foods called edibles. An edible is a food product that uses the whole plant for cannabis extract or oils as an ingredient, infused with cannabinoids. 

These foods can either be baked goods, drinks, or other types of products. The amount of cannabinoids in edibles varies, depending on the type of product, the extraction process, and the storage conditions. Some strains are meant to be consumed only in small amounts, while others can consume cannabis in much larger quantities. When it comes to the different types of edibles, there are two main methods of making them.

The first is through a process known as a cold infusion. Here, the cannabinoids are pasteurized and then infused into the rest of the ingredients. The second method is hot processing, in which the cannabinoids are extracted using a solvent.

How Do Edibles Work?

When you consume an edible, you get the same effects as if you had smoked or vaped the plant. This includes the sensation of being high, but without the negative effects of smoking. It can work for anyone looking to use recreational cannabis or looking to gain the benefits of ingesting cannabis.

To understand how these products work, it’s important to understand the endocannabinoid system. This is a network of receptors located in almost every part of the human body, including the brain, the immune system, and even the digestive tract.

For most people, this system is perfectly functional, but for those that suffer from disorders such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the cannabinoids in cannabis can provide a huge therapeutic benefit. 

Now, not all cannabinoids are meant for all types of conditions. For example, CBD is great for treating anxiety and depression, but it won’t have any effect on inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease. Of course, always speak to your doctor about treating conditions with Cannabis.

Benefits of Edible Cannabis Products

Weight Loss – If you’re looking to lose weight, you might want to try a CBD-rich edible snack. These products contain small amounts of cannabinoids.

Anxiety THC and CBD are both great for treating anxiety, but they do it in different ways.

Insomnia – THC is great for treating insomnia, and it can be eaten safely in small amounts. CBD, on the other hand, is a powerful anti-anxiety agent, and it can be added to food products that can help you relax. 

Treating an Open Wound – When it comes to treating an open wound, THC is great for blocking pain, while CBD is much more likely to aid in healing. 

Skin-Care Products – Some edibles contain phytocannabinoids, which can be used as excellent skin-care products. 

What’s the Difference Between Edibles and Regular Cannabis?

As mentioned above, edibles use whole plant extract to create the cannabinoids found in cannabis. The main differences between regular cannabis and edibles lie in the weight and amount of cannabinoids included in the product. With edibles, you’re getting a small number of cannabinoids per serving.

Depending on the product, you might be getting a few milligrams, or you might be getting a gram or two. Because these products are made with whole plant extract and cannabinoids, they don’t have the psychoactive effects of regular cannabis which can change for cannabis consumption. 


As you can see, there’s a lot more to consuming cannabis than just smoking or vaping. These products offer many benefits, and they’re becoming more popular than ever before. When you’re shopping for edibles, be sure to look for a product that has small amounts of cannabinoids per serving. This will make sure you don’t get too high and experience any negative side effects.

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