The cannabis industry is booming more than ever, especially after the legalization of weed in Canada. The expansion of the weed industry has given birth to thousands of physical and online dispensaries worldwide. This, in turn, has increased the availability of marijuana and other cannabis products. Today, you can easily find a licensed on-land marijuana store. But nothing beats the ease and convenience of shopping from an online website!

While there are many perks of buying weed online, finding a trustworthy cannabis website is not an easy task for several reasons. For one, the online market is not as regulated as its on-land counterpart. Hence, many unaccountable online stores have surfaced over the years. So, how do you distinguish the reliable ones from the crowd? Well, this is exactly why we’re here!

This post will discuss some crucial factors that you need to consider while looking to buy weed online.

7 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Marijuana Dispensary:

Quick Background Check:

When you get on an online dispensary site, make sure to do a quick background check. Check that the company isn’t involved in some fraudulent activities or lawsuits. You can also check the site’s About Us page to learn more. Or, you can visit cannabis forums and chat with like-minded people to learn more about the company you’re interested in.

Product Quality

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an online dispensary is the quality of its products. Remember, trust-worthy breeders will always guarantee their product’s quality, and you can evidently see that on their site.

Furthermore, you can read customer reviews, look for lab results, and check if the company meets the standards laid down by your city’s law.

Variety of Cannabis Products

Usually, the best online dispensary will have a large selection of marijuana strains and products. This includes popular weed concentrates, quality cannabis strains, different strains, vape pens, edibles, topicals, or even baked goods. Such products will further be available in different potencies so as to meet the needs of every 420-lover. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can easily hop from one online shop to another until you get them; without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Price Range & Exciting Offers

Different online retailers will offer different prices and payment methods. Be sure to compare the prices of at least 2-3 dispensaries before you hit the purchase button! This way, you can secure the best deal.

You may even find some leading online retailers offering a price match policy, whereby they provide customers with the lowest price guarantee in the current market. But if you find the same item at a lower price on another site, they’ll match the same price.

The best marijuana dispensary also offers exciting discounts to loyal customers. You may even find a huge discount on your first order or a free gift. In addition, many online stores may offer loyalty programs through which you can win rewards on your orders.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any online shop. A reputed company considers the satisfaction of customers a priority. Hence, they’re always at your service and offer timely communication.

To test it, you can contact the team via chat or call and ask a couple of questions. Always choose a site that offers great customer service and keep an eye out for 24/7 services, a comprehensive FAQ section, live chats, and professional staff.

Customer Feedback

Another advantage of purchasing cannabis online is that you get to read the reviews of real users. This way, you can see which product is working out and which isn’t!

Shipping and Refund Policies

A trustworthy delivery service will offer prompt shipping. However, it ultimately boils down to your needs. If you need your products quickly, you may want to choose a site that offers express shipping. Besides, most companies might also offer free shipping and a tracking number to know the status of your order.

Reputed cannabis companies offer refunds and exchange policies. However, there are certain conditions apply to claiming your refund. For instance, most companies may not offer a refund/exchange on consumable commodities like edibles, marijuana concentrates, etc.

Be sure to read through the policies and the general terms and conditions of the company before making your first order.

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Weed Online


One of the greatest advantages of buying cannabis online is convenience. All you need is a good internet connection and your smart device. You don’t have to step outdoors, nor do you have to deal with the mad rush of other customers at a store.

Just lie there on your couch, visit a reliable cannabis website, enter your login username, password, etc. Then, choose your preferred cannabis products and order online.


Though you can now legally buy weed online in major cities, there is still some cultural stigma attached to the use and purchase of cannabis. So, when you shop from an online dispensary, you can avoid the judgment of naysayers and purchase cannabis in privacy.

Moreover, some of the best online dispensaries in Canada makes discreet deliveries. This means you don’t even have to provide your name or any other details. Just your address for delivery is enough!

Unlimited Choices

Online dispensary websites usually have a diverse range of cannabis products, including different cannabis types, marijuana flowers, high-quality hybrid strains, cbd oil tinctures, vape pens, and more.

You can scroll through their vast inventory to find the product you’re looking for!

Online Dispensary Canada – Finding The Right Store For You

Regardless of how great an online marijuana shop is if it doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, what’s the whole point? You might want to answer these questions:

  • What kind of marijuana strains do you prefer? Sativa or indica strains?
  • Are you a fan or landrace of hybrid weed strains?
  • What effects are you trying to obtain from consuming marijuana – couch-lock effect, pain relief, head high, easing stress, etc.?
  • What is your marijuana or THC threshold level?

Look into your unique needs and preferences in order to find the right online weed store for yourself!

Can You Legally Buy Weed Online In Canada?

Cannabis was legalized nationwide in Canada in the year 2018. However, the rules regarding the sale and distribution of marijuana and related products were given to the hands of the provinces.

Each province tends to have slightly different rules dictating buying online weed in Canada. Hence, check out your province’s rules and regulations before you use any online weed delivery service.

If you’re looking for an online dispensary you can check out our list of cannabis products.