There is no right or wrong way to consume cannabis. The growing new trends of using cannabis topicals and sublingual ingestion prove this point perfectly. However, using the right cannabis paraphernalia can make the difference between a fantastic smoke session and frustrating attempt.

Veterans weed users know their joints and their equipment. 

But if you’re a newbie in the cannabis consumption community, here’s how to choose the right equipment. 

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Equipment for Consumption 

Before you can choose the right cannabis equipment, considering your primary mode of cannabis consumption is important. 

There are several ways of ingesting this psychoactive compound. Smoking is the traditional and most common method of consuming cannabis. Other uncommon ways of consuming cannabis include oral administration, topical application, and sublingual consumption. 

Having said that, depending on your preferred way of consuming cannabis, below are your options for the best cannabis equipment. 

For smoking cannabis 

A smoking pipe is a classic and the most aesthetically pleasing way to consume your favourite strain of pot. In addition, pipes are the easiest way to smoke and you can take them anywhere making them very versatile. 

For practical reasons, glass, ceramic and metal pipes are the preferred materials since they can take the heat and some knocks without being too fragile. Smoking pipes made of the above materials also produce good smoke. However, intricately designed smoke pipes are great to look at and equally are hard to clean and can be awkward to hold while taking a hit. 

A wooden pipe, on the other hand, may look cool and last for ages unless you lose it. But the smoke from these pipes is harsh. Three continuous hits out of these traditional looking and affordable pipes can easily scorch your respiratory tract. In addition, wooden pipes can also tarnish the taste and flavour of the pot making them taste completely different altogether. 

What about bongs?

Bongs filter the smoke and cool it through the combination of the downstem and the bowl. Because the dry heat from the burning joint does not immediately hit your throat, smoking through bongs can feel a lot less harsh.

For this reason, bongs are a great choice if you love taking larger hits. Smoking with bongs also allows you to taste the natural flavour of the particular strain. 

Smoking Alternatives 

As cannabis enthusiasts keep experimenting, a couple of new alternative to smoking weed has emerged in the industry recently. These alternative methods of ingesting cannabis are also considered healthier as well and so is a great choice if traditional ways of smoking cannabis is not your style.  


Vaping is an alternative method of consuming cannabis through a device called electronic cigarettes or simple vape pens. The vapourisation of the cannabis heat the weed to the right temperature to extract the psychoactive compounds before it reaches combustion. 

Therefore, vaping with vape pens and using vaporizers are an excellent alternative to traditional cannabis smoking and great for beginners. Vaping also allows you to taste the natural flavour of the cannabis, produces minimal smoke and smell, which means you also smoke less. 


If you like ingesting marijuana concentrates and feeling the instant hit, dabbing is a fantastic choice. Compared to joints or blunts, dabs can have up to 80% concentration of THC in them so they are best for experienced cannabis users. Dabbing concentrates are available in different concentrations from 60 to 90%. Some of these weed concentrates are liquid and some are solid with different consistencies and is down to personal choice. 

Dabbing is also an alternative method to traditional smoking and is generally safer. However, THC concentrations in dabs are exceptionally high – meaning you need just one hit to experience the results. 

Cannabis Equipment to Consider for your Smoking Arsenal 


Grinders are indispensable when it comes to cannabis consumption. The size of the grinder is the first consideration, and here you need to consider its size versus portability. 

Next, grinders with more pieces have more performance. If you need it just for grinding, a two-piece will suffice. On the other hand, with a five-piece grinder, you can grind and store etc. 

Aluminum grinders last long and have great performance but are heavy. Acrylic, wood, and plastic grinders are cheap, but they don’t last long and have performance issues. Grinders with ABS materials hit a good balance of price, performance, and longevity. 


Hemp wick, or simply wick, works as a candle, except that this cannabis/beeswax coated rope can give you a steady high. Wicks have the advantage of slow combustion and giving out a flavorful natural smoke. 

The best hemp wicks are hemp twine, which is double-coated in beeswax. Organic hemp wicks free of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs also produce the best smoke. In addition, brands with organic hemp wicks also offer twines of varying thickness, and you can customize the thickness of the coating as well.

Rolling papers

For beginners, rolling papers from natural hemp is a great start. Since these papers are sturdy, they are easy to roll, and the flavour is mild enough not to tamper with your strain of pot. 

Rice rolling papers are right up your alley if you’re a little further on in your weed smoking experience. These rolling papers are thin, so they need delicate handling, but the burning pace and quality are top-notch, so you’ll be getting smooth, clean hits.

For a weed connoisseur, ultra thins are the gold standard for rolling a joint. Rolling joints with these papers is a skill, but they burn exceptionally well, so there is less ash, meaning you get clean hits and less coughing.


Ashtrays are not as indispensable as a grinder or a rolling paper. However, they can complete your cannabis-smoking toolkit. Glass ashtrays are easier to clean and they look better but they are also pricey. Metal ashtrays are usually more affordable, last for ages, and easy to maintain as well. 


Any cannabis connoisseur worth his salt knows that pokers are necessary for the complete weed-smoking gear. Pokers come in handy for packing a joint in a pipe, cleaning out the gunk in the bong’s downstem or clearing a clogged smoking pipe. Brass pokers are usually the best as they last longer and do not break or burn easily. 

Bottom line 

Choosing the right cannabis equipment for its consumption can be a case of trial and error for beginners. However, a handy guide like this one can give you a head start for the ultimate cannabis experience

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