Although the legalization of cannabis has only seen the light of day in recent years, there seem to be several dispensaries selling various strains of pot coming from all corners. Especially for people who need to use pot for medical reasons, these dispensaries are the best legal options for purchasing cannabis. You can get a very high-quality cannabis plant from these places.

Whether you’re looking for cannabis for medical or non-medical reasons, these dispensaries are a much better option to buy marijuana from rather than through illegal or individual dealers.

What Do Dispensaries Look Like?

With so many dispensaries popping up everywhere, it’s good to know how to locate the right dispensary. The look of the dispensary will vary from one shop to another. However, there are typically telltale signs on how you can tell the authenticity of a good dispensary from a bad one.

First of all, it’s the maintenance aspect of the dispensary. You don’t have to be a pro at cannabis storage systems to identify a proper and hygienic dispensary. Once you’ve established the safety of the different types of cannabis and cannabis-related products they sell, you need to check for the quality.

The best ones are usually kept on the top shelf, so top-shelf cannabis is what most people prefer.

Basic Guidelines for Finding the Right Dispensary:

What does the weed selection look like?

Anyone selling cannabis at a dispensary knows that having a wide variety of strains is essential. In every cannabis dispensary, you’ll find that they keep a wide selection of weed strains. This is so that consumers who enter the store can get something for themselves, depending on their preferences.

Since cannabis can be consumed in various methods such as smoking, vaping, eating, or dabbing, dispensaries that have all these options are good. They have a little something for everyone.

Where is the cannabis dispensary located?

Since the legalization of cannabis is spreading far and wide, you’ll probably run into several dispensaries when looking for the perfect one. Consumers of cannabis say that the store’s location is a big deal for them, and it’s about the convenience of going to the store whenever they need to and getting the things they need.

Apart from this, the location of the dispensaries includes different factors such as parking space, the safety of the neighborhood, and the distance from their homes to the store.  Another factor contributing to the dispensary location is their distance from certain establishments such as schools or churches that condemn the usage of cannabis, primarily because of the population of young adults and teens.

Do the quality of cannabis and the price match?

It is agreed upon that the quality of a dispensary is very subjective. Depending on the person’s preferences, a weed strain might be the best quality for them while it’s not what another prefers. There are official boards that grade and give quality ratings to different marijuana strains. This information may be sued if you are looking for something specific such as something to keep you active or if you prefer a strain that relaxes your mind.

The quality of the cannabis depends on how much care goes into growing the plant, so it has all the textbook qualities and characteristics of a good weed strain. Accordingly, the price point of cannabis can also vary.

Like with any other commodity, the idea that the higher the price point, the better it does not apply all the time. Of course, the price is higher for the weed strains with better growth quality, but it doesn’t have to be sky high to be good.

Quality vs. Quantity:

If you are thinking of purchasing a cannabis plant, make sure that the quantity and quality of the products add up. You cannot be paying extremely high prices for something of low grade or low quality.

Where do cannabis plant roots come from?

Where the dispensary gets its supply from is also an essential factor that alters the quality of the plant in many ways.

Some dispensaries have cannabis farms that are grown on-site. For example, the most common strand is the Fruit stand indica strain of cannabis. You’ll find this strain in many dispensaries because it can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors.

How are the weed plants grown?

A significant influence on weed quality is the way the weed is grown. There are different types of methods for weed cultivation, but by using proven techniques, weed farmers can gain a lot of benefits with both the quantity and quality of the cannabis.

One of the pain problems with regular weed growers is that all the plants are grown in plastic pots or ceramic pots that stifle the plant’s natural growth. A better way to earn a heavier yield is by using fabric pots that allow the roots to grow naturally as far into the soil as they want.

In this way, you get happy and healthy plants that give you more yield than ones grown inside containers that stunt their roots from reaching deep into the soil and getting the nutrients.

How to grow the best weed?

  • Don’t use plastic containers to grow the weed in. instead, go for container-free or fabric pots that allow the roots to grow naturally.
  • Water the plants regularly. Professional growers of weed use terra cotta shards to revive dried-up weed plants. These orange clay pots are great at getting moisture back into the weed, giving it longer shelf life.
  • Use cultivation methods that are good for the environment and avoid synthetic fertilizers.
  • Have proper drainage holes so that the weed plants are not being overwatered.
  • Some growers also swear by air pruning when increasing their yield.

Do they have a dispensary delivery service?

These days you can even find online cannabis dispensaries where you can shop for cannabis like any other commodity online. This feature is super convenient because you don’t even have to step out of your house to get your items.

The benefit of dispensary deliveries is that you have to place an order online and wait for delivery. Your delivery representative will show up at your doorstep with everything you ordered. It’s also more convenient for customers so that the dispensary will enjoy a hike in sales.


While the final choice is left up to the person looking for cannabis dispensaries, it is always beneficial to get second opinions. You can even check reviews of the cannabis dispensaries you are shortlisting to get an idea of how the previous customers felt about the place.

Don’t hold yourself back from calling and asking questions about the dispensary before going there. Finally, you don’t have to stick to only one choice. If you are unsure, you can always test one out after another until you find the perfect match for you.

Online dispensaries can also be a great choice. Peers Cannabis can meet all of your cannabis needs. Speak with one of our representatives today!