Not all weed is grown equally well, and not all weed dispensaries are created equal as well. We’re here to help! While many people enjoy shopping for cannabis online now, most people who live in proximity to a flower shop agree that choosing in person at a weed dispensary is best. In-person, you can smell, inspect, and discuss the flower product on the spot with your local budtender, to ensure you’re purchasing exactly what you’re after.

This is also why weed newcomers are likewise encouraged to visit a local dispensary to learn more and make a purchase. With so many dispensaries opening up now in Canada, how to decide which one to visit? Let’s walk through all the most important considerations when picking the best weed dispensary. 

Product Quality

Whether you’re shopping for flower for medical or non-medical purposes, the product quality offered is the most important factor to determine the best weed dispensary. This means also finding out where exactly the weed dispensary gets their cannabis from and how it’s grown. 

Some questions you might ask the budtender:

  • How long has their cannabis source grown for? 
  • How often to they get new, fresh product?
  • Is it organic? 
  • Is it small-scale farmed?
  • Is it ethically farmed? 
  • Is it properly stored?
  • Is it grown onsite? (The freshest product is usually grown on-site.)

Product Variety

Along with finding a dispensary with the best quality product, you’ll also want a weed dispensary with a wide variety of different sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Everyone’s preference is different, and oftentimes changes depending on mood, health, time of day, energy levels, etc.

A solid variety of different strains that have different effects and health benefits means that you benefit from the vast array of different assets that different flowers offer. And since weed can be used in so many different ways, like smoking, using bong or pipe, vaping, eating, or even drinking, finding a dispensary that offers all these options is preferable for your own experimentation and discovery. 

Atmosphere and Staff

Gone are the days of meandering down shady alleys or into dirty drug dealer’s basements for some cannabis. Now that weed is legal, the best weed dispensaries are the ones that are friendly, efficient, organized, clearly labeled, clean, safe, and store products properly

Many cannabis consumers today develop strong relationships with their local budtenders. Budtenders are the knowledgeable, passionate, and professional staff working at dispensaries. Besides having lots of quality products, the best weed dispensaries also have amazingly dedicated staff to assist you. 

If you’re fairly new to cannabis, and you walk into a dispensary to suddenly feel out of place, unwelcome, or judged, the experience could be ruined. You want a welcoming dispensary with happy budtenders. It’s not too much to expect a budtender to assist with your questions regarding strain effects, provide insights into dosage details, and make suggestions about ideal marijuana products for your particular needs and preferences.


Cannabis products can vary greatly in price. Some might be under $20, while some can cost $200 or even more. While it’s natural that the higher the grade of weed the more expensive it is, it’s worth it to compare prices at different dispensaries. Remember that a high quality product doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Some dispensaries also have regular specials and promotions worth learning about. Before you spend anything, ask for prices, and never feel pressured to buy anything. Most dispensaries will show complete respect, so if you feel pressured to purchase, know that you can take your business elsewhere. 

The sneaky art of upselling is another cost consideration. The best weed dispensary will never pressure you to take their upsell. If dispensaries are clearly there to make a profit, staff on a commission sometimes try to convince you to purchase products you’re hesitant about. Know that if the cost or the approach to selling feels wrong to you, you have every right to simply walk away

Location, Delivery, Hours

Location, delivery, and hours are also important factors for picking the best weed dispensary. You’ll most likely want a weed dispensary that is convenient for you, and open early until late. Most flower lovers enjoy being able to pop over to their favourite dispensary whenever they need or want. 

These days, some cannabis consumers also prefer a dispensary with a delivery option. This means that if you’ve already chatted before with your local budtender and know what you’re after, you don’t have to leave the house. Your delivery representative will simply arrive with your products at your doorstep. 

Final Words

As more legal weed dispensaries continue to open, it means that consumers have more choice which is fantastic. It may take some trial and error, but you’re sure to locate the very best weed dispensary for your needs. It can be worthwhile to call the dispensary beforehand to get the “vibe” or even research a bit online for dispensary reviews.

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different, so remember that the opinion of your friend or colleague may not match your own. Ultimately, picking the best weed dispensary comes down to what feels best for you. And no one knows what’s best for you better than you.

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