The first time in a legal pot shop can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. For some, it is daunting to choose the best store, let alone the best products to purchase. Nowadays, we are fortunately spoiled by choice when it comes to weed. And what exactly are you supposed to do when you get to the pot shop

We’ve got you sorted by way of cannabis product shopping etiquette! In the following, you’ll learn all about the top five tips for navigating your first pot shop experience. 

Tip #1. Go in the Right Frame of Mind

The single-most important tip we can give you is to get in the right mindset before you step foot into your local pot shop. Stay open and curious, and don’t feel afraid or like you’re doing something naughty

While cannabis has been legalized for a few years already in Canada, many people still shy away from a visit to the dispensary because of the ages-old stigma associated with it. But cannabis is just as legal as alcohol now, and a trip to your pot shop can be compared to visiting the liquor store.

Tip #2. Know Your Cannabis Goals 

For many people on their first trip to the dispensary, what exactly they want to buy is uncertain. And that’s totally okay! You want to have a sense of how you’re hoping the plant will make you feel. Are you looking to use cannabis recreationally with some girlfriends after work one day? Are you looking for medical-grade cannabis to help with headaches and insomnia? Do you want the flower to relax you? Uplift you?

It’s important to have a sense of the effects you want to feel… or not feel. It can also be useful to consider the kinds of flavours or odours you like. Finding a bud that is right for you can be a bit like finding a preferred wine or cheese

For example, if you know you don’t like the smell of pine or the feeling of being catatonic, probably the indica kush that smells like Christmas and anchors smokers to the couch is not for you. Going to the dispensary with a goal in mind can help narrow down the options on your first dispensary visit. 

Tip #3. Take Your Time and Ask Questions

Especially when the cannabis dispensary is bustling with people, it can feel like you need to shop quickly. But this is absolutely not the case. Even if there is a line of people queuing up behind you, don’t rush. Take your time

Speak with the budtender, the friendly and knowledgeable pot shop employee, and ask questions about the many products. Ask about the different strains, the THC and CBD content, and the effects from the different strains. No question is too basic! 

The budtender is there to answer all your questions and to work with you to discover the ideal products based on your budget, needs, likes, and wants. 

Tip #4. Be Kind to Your Budtender

While budtenders don’t work only for tips, they are highly encouraged. Just as you’d tip a bartender for a well-made drink and good customer service, it’s considered common courtesy to do so with your local pot shop budtender. 

To determine how much to tip, consider the level of customer service as well as the total amount you’re spending on cannabis. For instance, if you spent $45 on cannabis products and your budtender took the time to carefully help you navigate all your questions and needs, you may consider a $5 tip. 

Tip #5. Don’t Be Pressured 

Budtenders aren’t doctors, therapists, or pharmacists, but they do know the products their dispensary sells very well. Chances are that they’ve sampled every product on the floor. Budtenders are passionate about selling weed. That said, if a budtender feels too pushy or enthusiastic about selling products, you’re allowed to pause.

If you’re feeling hesitant, go with that feeling. Never feel pressured to purchase. Only buy what you feel comfortable with. If you think you’re being upsold, remember there is zero requirements for you to purchase anything once you’ve entered the pot shop. 


A first trip to the dispensary doesn’t have to be scary. It’s important to have fun and relax. Approach it with a friendly curiosity and if you have any questions, don’t be shy. And as a bonus tip, make sure to sample your new goodies after leaving the pot shop! 

While it can feel tempting to open your goody bag and try your new product as soon as you walk out the dispensary’s door, there are still laws about public consumption of weed. 

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