With major cities around the world legalizing recreational and medical cannabis, the demand for cannabis tools has increased side by side. People are now looking for more ways to use cannabis apart from the traditional way of smoking. 

Today, there are modern cannabis accessories like vaporizers, electrical lighters, smell-proof weed carry pouches, and more to make your experience with marijuana a little more convenient and functional.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and find some of the best types of cannabis accessories for yourself? Find them below.

Best Types of Cannabis Accessories Every User Must Own

From edibles, wax, and concentrate to oil, buds, and hash, marijuana comes in several forms. Each kind of marijuana can be prepared and consumed by multiple methods, using different types of cannabis accessories. 

Today, let’s categorize the accessories into three – tools you’ll need during the preparation process, tools you’ll need for consumption and additional tools.

Cannabis Accessories for Preparation

Rolling Tray

If you’ve worked with fresh ground marijuana before, you know that preparation can be messy. Whether you want to keep your cannabis workspace clean or you’re using marijuana in discreet, weed crumbs lying around your room are the last thing you’d want. This is where a rolling tray comes in handy!

A rolling tray will ensure you don’t waste any bits of your expensive cannabis while also providing you with a clean flat surface to prep your weed. 


If you’re a frequent cannabis user, a grinder is hands-down one of the best investments. Preparing weed by hand can make plant matter and crumbs stick to your finger. This way, things get messy, and you tend to waste a lot of your dried leaves. Working with a grinder will help make your cannabis preparation process simpler and quicker. 

Rolling Papers

Whether you’re enjoying a casual night with friends or smoking weed for medical purposes, having the best rolling papers will make all the difference! Of course, as a cannabis enthusiast, you may already have this accessory in your stash. But is it the right kind? Look into that! For the best experience, you’re going to want to opt for rolling papers made with health-conscious components, ones that are unbleached, non-GMO, unrefined, and organic.

Rolling Machine

Yes, smoking a hand-rolled joint has a nice classic touch to it. But for frequent cannabis tokers, hand-rolling can be quite a task! One of the most significant benefits of owning a rolling machine is speed and convenience. Moreover, you can enjoy uniform, consistent rolls every time with a rolling machine!

Metal Pokers

In the sea of cannabis accessories, small tools like a metal poker may often be overlooked. It may come in different styles, but all metal pokers tend to have a pointy end. It can help you pull out gunk from your bongs, pack a joint, clear a clogged pipe, and more. 

Cannabis Accessories for Consumption


For a frequent toker, having a lighter at all times is as important as having a smartphone on you. You never know when you’d need a few puffs. When the craving hits, you can simply reach out to your cannabis kit or pocket to blaze up your doobie. 

Ash Tray

This is a must-have accessory for any cannabis consumer. Make sure to put the ashes in an ashtray to maintain a clean smoking space. Besides, ashtrays help keep things more hygienic and reduce mess. 

Classic Pipe

Every cannabis connoisseur should have a classic pipe. Pipes are also a popular item among newbie tokers who are yet to master their joint-rolling skills. Whether you buy it from a store or make your own, a pipe is a great investment; it’s simple, easy to use, and easy to clean. 


Another classic way of consuming cannabis is smoking with a bong. It’s also known as a water pipe. With a bong, you get to enjoy a smoother hit as the bongwater filters and cools down the smoke before inhalation.

Joint Filter Tips

This accessory will provide a comfortable smoking experience by filtering out weed, resin, and ash particles while inhaling your joint. Many people also claim that joints and blunts with a filter tend to taste better as it helps provide a cleaner smoke and enhances the terpene flavours. 

Quartz Banger

If you’re into cannabis concentrates, then you need to have a quartz banger in your inventory. The term quartz banger and a dab nail may be used interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Dab nails are always made of titanium, whereas quartz banger is usually made of several other materials like crystal, glass, etc.

Today, many people are opting for quartz banger as they feel that the metallic taste of nails leeches into the concentrate, thereby hampering their experience. 


Vaporizers are an essential cannabis accessory that helps vaporize substances for inhalation. Portable ones are usually known as vape pens. Whether you enjoy smoking real cannabis flowers, oils, or concentrates, a vape pen will help you do them all!

Additional Cannabis Accessories

Portable Digital Scale

Let’s face it, dank is expensive, especially the high-quality ones. 

You never know if a seller might try to rip you off a couple of grams. Hence, weighing your cannabis can help you pay a fair price and prevent yourself from getting scammed.

Smell-Proof Bags

A smell-proof bag is a must-have item if you carry weed wherever you go. Apart from concealing the odour, this accessory can also help maintain the quality of your cannabis by preventing moisture loss.

Spray/ Scented Candles

This accessory is a quick fix to remove the cannabis scent right after use. You can keep one in your room or car. 

Cleaning Items

Your smoking devices will become dirty and unhygienic over time. It’s wise to own a cannabis cleaning kit at home and use it to clean your smoking tools after every session.

Summing It Up:

There you have it; our picks for the best types of cannabis accessories every stoner must own. Of course, the market sees the entry of new tools and equipment now and then. However, the accessories mentioned above are a good starting point for any cannabis enthusiast trying to build their own inventory. Moreover, having your stash of essential cannabis accessories will make you look like a self-sufficient marijuana pro in front of your friends. The next step of course is purchasing your very own cannabis either from an online dispensary or a store-front.

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