Vaping and smoking are the two main popular choices when it comes to cannabis. Both can offer the same experience, but the two vary in multiple different ways. Vaping will require additional purchases for cannabis use that are more expensive than smoking. But vaping does offer some additional benefits over those used to smoking cannabis.

In this article we’ll break down the difference between vaping and smoking, so you can make an informed decision about how you enjoy your cannabis.

What is Smoking?

Smoking, in broad terms, is the act of inhaling and exhaling a burnt substance, typically tobacco, or cannabis.

What is Vaping?

Vaping also includes the same act of inhaling and exhaling a substance, but which gets heated in the device (vape) and turns into vapor, which the user inhales.

Vaping Vs. Smoking: Which One to Choose?

Vaping uses electronic delivery systems called vapes which is where the liquid is heated through a metal coil. This process releases the substance and other substances in the vape in the form of vapor.

On the other hand, traditional smoking is typically tobacco or cannabis rolled into a tube that you can light on fire and inhale through the filter. In both cases, something is inhaled.

Vaping is more discreet than smoking. Both cannabis and cigarette smoke are pungent and noticeable to neighbours and passers-by. E-cigarette vapor produces little odour, and any odour that is produced is generally pleasantly scented.

Vaping devices are easy to use. Simple vape pens are activated by inhalation, so the user simply needs to inhale from the mouthpiece to use the device. Other e-cigarettes may be activated by a push-button, however, these are still easier to use than traditional smoking methods. It is also easy to switch between strains; simply unscrew one cartridge, swap it out for the next, and you’re set.

For medical cannabis users, it is much easier to control dosage using a vape device. It is also easier to medicate with a vape as they are portable and can be safely stashed in a pocket or bag until they are needed.

Vaporisers. Vapepens. Grazing pen. Weeds. Vaporenos. The distinctive characteristic of vapers is that they allow inhaling cannabis vapor. So it’s different than traditional tobacco devices — bongs and pipes — that give you the ability to smoke cannabis. The high vapors start quickly and last from 30 seconds to 40 minutes long. Vaping marijuana may be safer, easier and discreetly safer than traditional smoking methods.



The types of cannabis and vapes available to you will depend upon the province in which you reside. Canadian consumers, you can purchase vapes at cannabis accessory shops and legal dispensaries. From these dispensaries, you can also shop a wide variety of cannabis concentrates and dried flowers. A regulated source is always the best way to shop. It’s important to note always start slow when using cannabis, especially for those new to cannabis or vaping.

If you’re satisfied with vaping, it’s important that the device be properly maintained. The essential maintenance of your equipment is essential. So many people fail to do so and have an unhappy experience – most often when buying expensive gear. Many vapers neglect cleaning up and care completely, damaging vapes. Keeping your vaping devices well cleaned is critical for enjoyable and healthier consumption. Let’s see what you decide on and what it is like to start vaping.

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