Curious about using or purchasing a bong? Glass bongs are just about the most iconic weed-smoking device that exists. From movies to comic books to cartoons and video games, every facet of popular culture has provided imagery of the bong.

No longer stigmatized as the loner accessory for the unemployed guy living in his mother’s basement, bongs today are an equally respected and adored tool for safer cannabis consumption. 

Bongs have been around in various forms for thousands of years across countless cultures. Because the water they hold acts as a natural filter, they’re also one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis. In the following, we’ll walk you through why people prefer bongs and what you need to know about the many different kinds of bongs on the market!

The Bong Allure

There are a number of reasons why people often prefer glass water bongs over dry pipes. As you inhale and the smoke travels through the water, certain particles get trapped in the water and filtered out, which reduces the harshness of the smoke.

Compared to other means of smoking—rolled in paper or a glass pipe, for example—bongs are less likely to negatively affect your throat and lungs. 

Why People Today Love Bongs:

  • Bongs offer a smoother, more flavourful smoke
  • Bongs use less bud, meaning you can conserve supplies longer
  • Bongs offer cleaner smoke and most bongs are simple to keep clean
  • Bongs don’t produce ash or smoke and they filter out tar, making them better on your lungs and throat
  • Bongs are usually portable
  • Bongs come in a large variety of styles and shapes depending on your preference
  • Bongs are a special investment, have great value, and with care can last a long time

Additionally, some people just prefer the feeling they get from smoking a bong over a joint or a pipe. Many bong enthusiasts are certain that the high is more euphoric, and others say that the high comes on quicker and also lasts longer. 

Lastly, some people prefer bongs because they are a safer way to smoke long-term, which is understandable given the obvious dangers of smoke in the lungs. 

Types of Bongs and their Benefits

Straight Tube Bong – The most basic type of bong available for purchase, the straight tube bong filters the smoke through a downstem, which is submerged in water. This kind of bong is simple to use, and easy to clear and clean, making it the perfect choice for anyone new to bongs.

Zig Zag Bong (Zong) – Named this because of their zigzag shape, a ‘zong’ not only looks cool but the zigzag function helps to act as a splash guard, which prevents water from ever rising from the chamber into your mouth. This means that if other bongs tend to splash water for you, give a zong a go!

Beaker Bongs – Taking their appearance from the beakers used in science labs, glass beaker bongs are great because of their sturdy and stable shape. The wider base also means lots of smoke. If you want a bong that is less likely to be knocked or tipped over, a beaker bong is your best bet. 

Round Base-Bongs – These are similar to a beaker bong, except the base is spherical. Due to this, they’re a bit less stable, but round-base bongs operate much in the same fashion. 

Recycler or ‘Multi-Chamber’ Bongs – Recycler or multi-chamber bongs appear technical, making them also a great centerpiece. Thanks to the filtration they offer, they deliver an incredibly smooth hit. These bongs filter the smoke a number of times, as the smoke passes past a percolator and a water chamber. They are ideal for anyone looking for a super smooth hit. 

Percolator Bongs – These bongs operate a bit differently from recycler bongs, but likewise have a super smooth hit. These bongs use a series of percolators to diffuse the smoke. The visual as they fill and release can be really something! While these bongs make the smoke incredibly easy and delicious to inhale, a percolator bong can be quite difficult to clean due to its many complex parts. 

Fabergé Egg Bongs – Fabergé Egg Bongs are named after the famous Russian jeweled eggs. These bongs have an egg-shaped percolator and oftentimes an egg-shaped body, which lets the bubbles spread out more, giving the user a smooth hit.

Bubblers – Bubblers are not much bigger than a glass pipe, yet offer the functionality of a glass water bong. This means they’re very portable and convenient. If you find bongs too large or cumbersome but enjoy their filtration system, then a bubbler is the perfect option to smoke with. 

Gravity Bongs – Gravity bongs are creative and fun bongs that use gravity to create large amounts of easily inhalable smoke. Definitely one of the most unique and potent ways to consume cannabis, gravity bongs force very concentrated THC into your lungs, allowing you to breathe in one inhale the same content as almost a full joint. Gravity bongs can be purchased or made at home DIY-style with a bucket and half a plastic bottle. 

In Summary

There are countless varieties of bongs out there, with many different styles, functionalities and price points. Nowadays, bongs are one of the most popular pieces of cannabis equipment and for good reason.

Not only is the high especially vivid, but the smoke is significantly filtered making it safer. Be sure to chat with your local budtender to zero-in on which type of this iconic piece of smoking gear is best for you. 

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